Ben, our Managing Director, and Nick, one of our Structural Engineers, headed to Germany to visit our long-standing client, QinetiQ. It was a marathon of jabs, PCRs and amber lists but great to be able to finally meet with our clients face to face again after months of change and challenge.

The team wanted to be there to see our radar mount design being installed on the Multi Mission Aircraft (MMA), PC-12, which has now been fully tested.

Nick said: “It was great to see the radar mount we fully designed and analysed being installed. We were on hand to help with any last-minute glitches with the installation and to look at any outstanding installation structures without a stress clearance; analysis or report.”

Ben added: “QinetiQ have done an outstanding job on this project, and we’re glad to have been able to support them. Seeing first-hand- how the efficiency of our structure has allowed the team to utilise the extra space for other useful equipment, amongst other benefits, was a real highlight of the trip”.

QinetiQ, and their team of experienced engineers, have been responsible for some excellent projects over the years and their work on the MMA, PC-12, is just another example of their capability.

An opportunity to meet the new team members

‍Over the course of the last months, there have been some new recruits join the QinetiQ team. It means a lot of the people we are now working with we’d never met face to face.

Ben said: “Many of the design team are relatively new to QinetiQ, and the pandemic meant we’ve been unable to meet some of the team in person. This included the Head Engineer of the project, who we were delighted to finally meet and offer assurance that we will continue to support the contract and resolve any issues relating to our responsibilities.”

Nick adds: “We were finally able to put faces to names. Many of the team we’d only ever communicated with via email. Establishing those personal connections on this trip has been essential”.

New projects on the horizon

‍The trip also led to extensions to our main contract. During discussions on other areas of challenge to the team, opportunities were spotted where Cascade’s expertise can help with some additional areas beyond the original scope of work.

QinetiQ also discussed with us some of the great projects they have in the pipeline, and we were able to offer advice on the structural aims of these projects.

Summarising, Ben said: “Overall, it’s been great to visit the team in Germany. Being on hand to help with any last-minute glitches, aswell as meeting the new members of the team, made the complexity of getting to Germany in these strange times well worth it.”

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