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From concept to certification, Cascade Engineering specialises in new, modification and enhanced development projects. We augment in-house teams, using our engineering expertise and complex problem-solving ability to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Working with Cascade brings a new level of engineering focus to your project. Our specific design skills, experience with large OEMs, including BAE Systems, Airbus and QinetiQ, means you benefit from our understanding of large, long-term projects and their challenges. Project Directors rely on us to work swiftly and accurately alongside their own teams, to design and develop key components on time and on budget.

Bring us in at the start of a new project to gain immediate understanding of the critical issues, or work with us when you are modifying or upgrading an existing design. We share our experience and thinking, challenging constructively and building a consensus between internal and external teams to keep your project moving in the right direction.

“I would highly recommend Cascade; they were excellent, proactive, engaging and a pleasure to work with.”  Senior Aerospace Project Manager, Pall Corporation

New projects

New projects call for ambition and entrepreneurial flair, tempered with a practical and steadying hand to keep an eye on the main outcome. While new projects focus on the art of the possible, we think outside of the ‘group’ to bring new ideas when needed and to keep track of all the varied and demanding requirements a new project involves.

  • End-to-end support for critical component and engineering design
  • Realistic costs in line with time, skills and outcome required
  • Proven track record in collaborative design development projects

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Modification projects

When our customers need to modify a legacy design – to improve performance, reduce weight, change materials or interact with new components – they look to use new and improved ways to deliver results. Our cross-sector expertise means we come to these challenges with a fresh approach, helping you to meet your goals faster.

  • Support from initial structure design to sign-off for manufacture
  • Replacement designs, new materials and up-to-date analysis
  • Working alongside in-house teams to dovetail modified components with wider structures

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Design enhancement projects

Our design, engineering and certification skills make us the ideal choice for an enhancement project. We work as an extension of your project team or as partners on an external assessment, always taking all associated components and requirements into account so we can provide analysis and assessment that meets your practical and commercial requirements.  We ensure your project stays on track, and that quality standards are being set correctly and delivered.


  • Third party review, expert witness, optimisation studies and certification advice
  • Seamless integration with customer quality systems
  • Analysis and assessment for commercial and regulatory compliance

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