Lifecycle Value

We prioritise the entire lifecycle of a project. Our holistic approach minimises maintenance costs, extends operational life, and enhances overall return on investment.

Our cross-sector industry experience means our clients benefit from our in-depth understanding of materials, their properties and performance in specific conditions, and how to design, manufacture and install for through-life performance. We also look at decommissioning when the time comes, taking a long-term view on the choices we make to support the drive towards net zero.

  • Long-term, sustainable value: On multi-million-pound, long-term projects, there’s a detailed focus on getting outstanding value for money at every stage. For us, this isn’t about elemental cost, it’s about working with you to take the best decisions as soon as possible, ensuring overall project value. For example, we suggest materials that are right for project requirements, and we build tools and teams that deliver efficiently and reliably, to achieve this. 
  • Sustainable working practices and materials: Across all industries, businesses are working out how to get to a carbon neutral position. We work with clients to rethink their opportunities for improved operational practices and how to source sustainable materials, including recycled materials and components, to achieve a measurable carbon footprint reduction. 
  • Next generation planning: We get into the mindset of the original designers and identify where we can repurpose or adapt the original product to ensure a faster and cost-effective completion of the project. We have a proven track record of being able to interpret or regenerate original data, either from past experience or interrogation of available product support information.
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