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Ben cut out

Ben Barrass

Ben is Cascade Engineering’s MD and has over 30 years’ experience within the structural engineering industry. He worked within BAE Systems to support their Harrier/AV-8B programme and subsequently provided invaluable consultancy within Boeing and Airbus.

Ben’s expertise helped form the core foundation of the Fixed Trailing Edge of the A350XWB-900 on behalf of GE Aviation and his specialisms include static and fatigue stress analysis as well as finite element modelling.

Whilst continuing to expand his approval capabilities and accreditations, Ben is responsible for keeping the team motivated and skills-focused through first class continual professional development.
Rob Harborne

Rob Harborne

Technical Director
Rob is a professional engineer with nearly 35 years’ experience in aerospace structural analysis and is the Technical Director at Cascade Engineering. He has played a key role in the analysis and testing of a range of structural aerospace projects for BAE Systems, Airbus and Boeing among many.

He applied his extensive knowledge to supporting the development of the Fixed Trailing Edge of the A350XWB-900 for GE Aviation and his interests lie with composite structures, static analysis and finite element modelling. He also enjoys supporting a diverse team of engineers to bring projects from concept to fruition.

Gren Williamson

Engineering Sales Manager
Gren joined Cascade from Aquila Nuclear Engineering, where he was Senior Engineering Manager for Strategic Delivery, a role that included managing continuous improvement and establishing partnerships and strategic relationships for both existing projects and future delivery. Gren started his career as an aerospace structural engineer, after graduating from Aston University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also holds an MBA from Aston Business School. His work has been across a variety of leading companies including GKN Westland Aerospace, GE Aviation, BAE Systems Maritime Naval Ships, and Pall Aerospace. At Cascade, Gren works across our current projects and takes a leading role in driving the company’s growth in other sectors.
Richard Dyer

Richard Dyer

Senior Stress Engineer
Richard – also known as Dicky – is a highly experienced stress engineer who has worked on many interesting projects, from all variants of the Harrier to today’s modern airliners. He’s seen all – starting out on Scout, Wasp and Puma helicopters, and was also key to helping Cascade to push the A350 over the certification line. Dicky has worked right across the engineering field, contributing to projects from oil rigs to satellites He lives in West London and when he is not helping out Cascade enjoys walking his Border Collie Oscar.

Tony Hart

Head of Design
Tony is our Head of Design and has significant experience across many platforms. As with many of us at Cascade he spent many years on the Harrier programme and brings significant expertise and a detailed approach to our projects. Outside work Tony is a big home-build car enthusiast. He currently has two kit cars: a Quantum and a Stylus and can often be found driving one or the other through the byways of the UK on a road trip.
Nick Howarth

Nick Howarth

Operations Manager
Nick is an experienced stress engineer with experience across multiple sectors. He specialises in simulation software and analysis. Nick has worked on flagship projects including with Airbus and is a key member of our team. He also covers our day-to-day operations management. When not at work Nick is an outdoor sports enthusiast.  A keen rock climber, cyclist and now sea kayaker, he is also the chairman of his local canoe club. He is an advocate for energy efficient technology.
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Jim Mawson

Senior Structure Analyst
Jim is a Loughborough University engineering graduate, who has held engineering, team lead and management positions. most recently for Wood, a global leader in construction and engineering in the energy market. Jim joined Cascade in 2022 as a Senior Structure Analyst with a strong understanding of what’s needed to deliver successful complex engineering projects. Jim is particularly interested in aircraft and analysis methodologies and thrives on problem solving and developing technical solutions. In his spare time, Jim enjoys drumming and riding motorbikes!
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Alex Dyne

Mechanical Design Engineer
Starting as an apprentice fitter at British Aerospace, Alex worked on Hawks and Harriers from final assembly through to flight test. He moved into civil aircraft and worked for the Alan Mann Group modifying aircraft and helicopters. After taking an HND in Aeronautical engineering, Alex started focusing on modification design, working for several EASA 21 J design companies in the UK and UAE. Alex’s last role was designing radios and antenna for the new discrete radio system for the UK’s emergency services. He spends his free time either on his trail bike or mountain bike somewhere off-road in south-east England!
Andrew Butcher New 600x600px

Andrew Butcher

Senior Stress Engineer
Andrew has experience in novel and advanced design, new materials technology and green engineering. He has worked across the military and commercial aerospace sectors, including projects within civil aircraft, defence systems, military helicopters, satellites and air propulsion. He was integral to a team designing and manufacturing a one-off composite prototype aircraft, and then worked for a Toulouse-based SME where he was Competence and Development Expert. In his spare time, Andrew is passionate about tennis and F1, an Arsenal fan and enthusiastic golfer. He enjoys touring Europe and the UK by car, exploring the cultures, countryside and cuisine!
Hamid cut out

Hamid Salehpoor

Structural Design Engineer
Hamid has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in automotive engineering. He has worked across both the automotive and aerospace industries, holding a number of roles, including Senior Design Engineer and Project Engineer for companies including Airbus Defence and Space, McLaren Automotive, McLaren Special Operations and Gordon Murray Automotive. Hamid is a keen skier and motorcyclist, and likes being in the outdoors with friends and family, when he’s not busy with DIY!
Shazad Ali cutout

Shazad Ali

Senior Stress Engineer
Shazad is a Senior Stress Engineer with more than 20 years of experience working on both composites and metallics for commercial and defence programmes, including aircraft, submarines, unmanned air vehicles and space satellites. Shazad has also worked in the nuclear energy sector, and is particularly interested in the role of composites in new designs and modification projects. In his spare time, Shazad, along with his two sons, is a keen F1 fan, and also enjoys DIY.
Olivier Atadokpede

Olivier Atadokpede

Graduate Structural Engineer
Olivier joined Cascade from Caeli Nova, where he was a Graduate Design Engineer. Olivier, who has an MSc in Aerospace Vehicle Design from Cranfield University and an MSc in Mechanical Design and Industrialisation from EIGSI (La Rochelle, France), supports our work on structural design and analysis activities. These include FE models, stress analysis, CAD modelling and engineering drawings. Olivier is particularly interested in aircraft structures, aviation, science documentary, challenges addressing sustainability and product optimisation. In his spare time, he likes running, football, urban dance and travelling.
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