Concept Structural Engineering

At Cascade Engineering we understand that the foundations of a superb critical structure start at the concept stage. It is at this stage that you lay the foundations for success or failure as you move forward through the design realisation process.

To support our customers both in the UK and worldwide, we offer a range of services to make sure that this foundation is strong and capable, so that it will gain full certification and customer approval.

We support customers with key services that add the most value in the concept stage, including indicating ideas for improvement that will ultimately improve the performance and durability of your structure.

For expert support on your critical structural engineering challenges, please call us on +44 1252 594121 or email info@cascade-engineering.co.uk.



Some projects are so cutting-edge that they push the design envelope to the limit of what is possible and commercially viable to deliver. Thus, we offer customers an easy way to engage with a third party to conduct a study to assess the feasibility of the design concept: covering engineering, manufacturability and commercial viability. This gives our customers the ability to highlight challenges early and decide on the best course of action. It is one of the best early stage investments you can make, for which Cascade Engineering is the partner of choice.


Projects that are already through the feasibility stage can be taken through an optimisation activity for both new and established designs. We will look at the design and take it through our internal assessment process to identify improvements, modifications and enhancements to meet the project and programme goals. These effective reports are very popular as a first stage contact with Cascade Engineering to set a baseline for improvement as well as a road map to reduce cost, weight and waste, improving both performance and durability.


For partner customers who want us to support full certification and/or customer approval of a critical engineered structure, we add the most value by being involved at the earliest stage. These initial design projects are where we can embed our historic pedigree into the design, building on our vast experience and knowledge to make sure the design is tailored for weight, cost and quality, whilst meeting project critical certification requirements. We provide a framework to ensure that the detailed design meets the constraints and maximises the performance, while reducing the time to deliver the designs to market.

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