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Delivery is about what we give to customers so that they can implement effective change on their critical structures. We can deliver substantiation and validation reports, models, drawings and certification documentation to name just a few core elements.

At Cascade Engineering we have authorised experts, qualified to deliver in house certification under your DOA, with a historical pedigree in outstanding project work, underpinned by keeping our team trained and up to speed on the latest industry developments. Our aim is always to ensure these deliverables are provided on time and in full so that your business can gain the commercial advantage we bring to the market.    

For expert support on your critical structural engineering challenges, please call us on +44 1252 594121 or email info@cascade-engineering.co.uk.

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Drawing data packs can come as CAD models, as well as traditional digital drawing packs. These fully detailed and approved drawings or models allow for a secure handshake from engineer to engineer and translate directly from engineering to manufacture.

Each of our structural drawing packs are expertly reviewed and released by one of our authorised engineers to ensure quality and maintain data consistency. These drawings and model data packs become the master document for all critical engineering structures and can be integrated into customers’ document control and manufacturing systems.


These detailed data packs allow the customer to take the existing structure from its original state through a systematic process of modification to implement the improvements that Cascade Engineering has produced. The secret to a good modification pack is the attention to which key areas are addressed in the modification and identifying the most effective way to implement the modification focused around time, quality and cost.

With the capabilities to provide modification packs for manufacturing, dismantling, assembly and validation, we can provide a robust road map to meet the modification goals.


A number of our customers engage with us to leverage our ability to provide full certification of a design, modification or enhancement, coupled with our 100% project delivery rate. This is the reason they continue to use us time and time again. With two fully qualified internal certification engineers, holding over 60 years’ combined experience and a team of support engineers, we consistently provide the most effective route to a fully certified structure.

We provide a complete service, ensuring certification delivery to you and a product that can be validated by an external body such as the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) or Lloyd’s Register. We will deliver the certification data your project needs, on time every time to allow you the peace of mind to focus on other key project activities.


At certain levels within some of our customers’ industries, they do not necessarily interact regularly with an external approval body that regulates the structures that they produce. This can include marine and some sections of aerospace and defence. Sometimes a customer is a new entrant to this sector and doesn’t have a history of dealing with these issues.

In these cases we offer a third party validation deliverable so that we can assess the design to make sure that it meets the project or programme requirements, but also ensure that the structure is robust enough to meet the demands of the environment that the structure experiences, whilst meeting the certification requirements of that sector. Third party validation is a great milestone check, as well as a final sign off stage for non-mission critical projects.


There are over 39,000 military and commercial aircraft active in the world. Combine this with the 50,000 ships and 62,500 power plants and it becomes clear that the market for modification is often bigger than the market for new build projects. Therefore, many of our customers know us for our modification service on legacy aircraft, defence, marine and power programmes. When you have a new design or a design that is in current production you have a wide range of design freedoms, but when dealing with legacy vehicles, the lack of design freedom means you need high skills and more knowledge to achieve true improvements, especially if there is no support from the OEM.

At Cascade Engineering we know how to take the modification brief and deliver back a solution that can be implemented in a cost and time efficient way, as well as being fully certified. We are able to modify an existing structure to account for additional load, add additional capability or space, whilst ensuring the original design concept is kept intact. Modifications are regarded by many as hard, but we are proven to be capable, some may say experts.


The ultimate goal of all critical structures is for them to be certified by an authorising body such as the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), maybe the customer itself in the defence sector or Lloyds Register for marine projects. It is this end goal that drives all the design decisions to ensure the most efficiently engineered structure possible, while at the same time working within the programme’s time and budget constraints.

At Cascade Engineering we offer both the pathway to certification internally, with our own design team, or as a third party to oversee and manage your own design team. In essence, we are qualified and capable of providing an approved signatory to support and manage certification or provide a service to deliver certification for your aircraft, vehicle, or ship.

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