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When an existing design needs re-assessment or analysis, a fresh look backed by design expertise can make all the difference. This often occurs when you need to bring in a new manufacturer, start a new process or where sub-optimal engineering has created a particular problem. We offer third party review, expert witness, optimisation studies and certification advice.

Working with us brings an additional level of confidence to your project. Our Quality Management System is regularly audited by Bureau Veritas to ensure we maintain our AS9100 Rev. D certification.

Confidence in delivering to quality standards

It’s critical that your project meets the relevant standards. We have the accreditations and experience to give you, your team, your wider business and your end client the confidence that individual components and the wider project meet the requirements.

Reliable manufacturer assessments

Changing manufacturers presents a potential risk to your project. Mitigate that risk by working with Cascade to make sure that the new manufacturer or updated process meets required standards without unnecessary impact on cost or project efficiency.

Deliver continual improvement

Where you need to demonstrate that a component is maintaining performance requirements or meeting revised standards, we can help. Our systems seamlessly integrate with your own quality systems, reducing time, paperwork and project disruption.

Cascade in action

We have worked with Pall Aerospace for many years, supporting them across projects of all sizes. These include supporting a change of manufacturer for composite parts for a helicopter air filter system and performing stress analysis of three composite fairings that were being upgraded to a more advanced manufacturing process.

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