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We think of modification project success as standing on the shoulders of giants. We get into the mindset of the original designers and identify where we can repurpose or adapt the original product to ensure a faster and cost-effective completion. We have ready access to the original data– either from our own files or working with OEMs - to ensure a smooth modification plan.
Modification projects bring their own challenges. Our proven track record in these projects means we can deliver:

A design that works with the existing structure

We give a new purpose to existing components to improve performance or to ensure that they work seamlessly with connected modifications. We ensure any new modifications work with the existing structure as well as enhance it. Our designs take into account the best materials to use and often include a materials upgrade to help with weight or size considerations.

Up to date expertise

We work on end-to-end modification projects, managing everything from initial assessment and re-design to final sign-off for manufacture. We use the latest tools and techniques to demonstrate structural integrity, produce reliable, workable and cost-effective designs and help you keep your project moving.

Support for your in-house team

We know that in-house teams come under pressure to deliver. Bringing in outside expertise helps to relieve that pressure, gives your own teams a boost, gives you access to qualified and experienced specialists and gives your project added impetus.

Cascade in action

We worked with QinetiQ GmbH to integrate an airborne radar into a Pilatus PC-12 platform – a modification project that saw us not only provide the entire structural modification, but also deliver a flight-ready modification kit after selection of the best manufacturer for the project’s needs.

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