With more than 25 years’ experience across a variety of engineering disciplines, we know that successful engineering projects are ones that embrace creativity and new ways of thinking. That ability to think differently– to look for new ways of doing things, investigate new materials, understand the constraints of new engineering projects, and the desire to take issues like climate change into account – is one of the reasons that clients choose to work with us.

It's also one of the reasons that we enjoy visiting face-to-face events like Farnborough Air Show – held right on our doorstep last month. It’s a chance for us to get up close and personal with the leading innovations in one of our key markets, to talk to customers about progress and to understand how our specialist expertise can make a difference to the next generation of complex programmes.

How we can help you think differently

One of the bonuses of bringing in outsourced expertise is opening up to new approaches and processes that can help you to save money, get the best results and keep things on track. External advice and support allows you to be confident about leaving elements of your programme in expert hands. We manage this in three ways:

New projects – it’s always exciting to be involved in a new project from the very beginning. Of course, we get involved at all stages of a project, but an early start means we can offer end-to-end support, working with in-house teams, manufacturers, and other suppliers to help you keep your project on track and develop the best structural solutions. You can find out more about how we do this in our case study for the Airbus A350 XWB. And see here some of the feedback we get when working with clients.

Modification projects – adapting or enhancing an existing design is a very particular challenge. Whether it’s to reduce weight, improve performance, lower manufacturing costs, or meet new regulatory requirements, our work allows for individual components to be modified so that they work within the larger structure, often enhancing its performance. See how we did this with QinetiQ GmbH on the Pilatus PC-12 platform.

Design enhancements – starting a new process? Working with a new manufacturer? Have a problem with previous engineering? We can send in a fully qualified third party team to help you with structural reviews, expert opinion, optimisation studies and certification advice. Our experience means you can be confident in the quality assurance we provide and our ability to certify to industry standards. It’s an essential service that’s appreciated by a wide range of customers, including Pall Aerospace, where we’ve worked on a wide range of projects.

If you want to embrace new thinking, using external expertise to help your project succeed across all your key expectations, why not contact us for a chat today?

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