Pilatus PC-24 (credit Kim R Hunter)

European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE)

The European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) takes place in Geneva at the end of May 2023. It’s a great forum for companies involved in this growing market, including specialist suppliers like Cascade Engineering, which can directly contribute to significant projects, rather than working as part of a much longer airliner supply chain.

For business aircraft manufacturers – who are facing the same challenges as many other businesses, in terms of rising costs and climate-related regulatory demands – this means they have access to dedicated experience, and the ability to work closely with these specialists. So everyone becomes part of the same team, with shared goals and the best interests of the project at heart.

Business aircraft modification expertise

At Cascade, we have significant experience in the business aircraft sector – most particularly through our work with Pilatus, where we helped to develop a streamlined and economical structural design for the rear fuselage and vertical tail for the versatile PC-24 business jet. Taking this experience, we were able to help QinetiQ GmbH modify several Pilatus PC-12 aircraft for different roles, some of which involved significant structural modification to primary aircraft structure, requiring appropriate justification to the authorities.

Today, for example, a number of business and private aircraft manufacturers are investigating how best to make efficient, effective modifications that allow them to meet environmental challenges and regulations, that need to adapt to the changing landscape. They need structural and materials specialists to help find creative solutions that meet the regulatory and compliance requirements whilst reducing the development, running, and maintenance costs.

An agile, flexible, specialist team can help projects to move quickly and manufacturers to make measurable progress towards their business and environmental targets – exactly what Cascade Engineering offers.

Investment in new technologies

Back to EBACE, then, where the Innovation Pavilion highlights the ongoing investment and development in electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) and advanced air mobility aircraft. Exhibitors in the pavilion include businesses we know well, and we’re looking forward to seeing their latest developments, approaches and aircraft models – the business aircraft of the near future.

We’re also interested in Textron Aviation – which owns the Beechcraft brand. Beechcraft planes have a great reputation within the design modification community. Understanding that constant improvement is the key to better performance, produces a better customer experience and a better understanding of what’s needed in business aviation today, allowing them to meet high market demands and growing environmental impact requirements.

Like all sectors, aviation is having to face change. This means putting together all the engineering creativity we have, to produce lighter, more efficient airborne vehicles – including those that run on new fuels or fly in new ways. We’re expecting EBACE to be a fascinating snapshot of current ideas and concepts, and we’re looking forward to having the opportunity to play a part in the business aviation revolution.

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