Often we hear one of the biggest worries for programme managers thinking about outsourcing is whether their external partner will be fully committed to the project. After all, they’re not part of the organisation, they may have other projects, and they could easily take their foot off the pedal – with disastrous consequences for your project. That’s simply not the case with good, professional, experienced outsource partners. In fact, we’d argue that these partners potentially care more about your programme than you do – and here are three good reasons why:

They like a challenge

‍Whether working on new projects, modifications or design enhancements, specialist suppliers love a challenge. It gives us an opportunityto demonstrate our strengths, push boundaries and use experience gained on other programmes to help you solve critical problems in novel ways. This can bethrough materials, processes or the interaction of our component with other parts of the project. We have often found that rising to this challenge meansyou are more likely to get cutting edge ideas that might not have been considered in house.

They bring wider expertise

‍It’s likely that your business or subsidiary serves a single sector – or an individual industry within a sector. This in turn means that your people are solely focused on this one area: their networking, conferences and professional development are likely to be all about the type of work you do. Bringing in an external supplier gives you access to expertise, knowledge and experience gained across other programmes in other sectors. This brings fresh thinking to your programme, resulting in solutions that help you to deliver your project on time and on budget. If you’re still uncertain about the value or commitment that an external supplier can bring to a project, why not take a look at how our work has specifically pushed projects forward, introduced new concepts and solutions and helped OEMs to fulfil their programmes successfully. Or give us a call, and we’d be happy to have a chat.

They rely on your business

‍Frankly, specialist companies need to build open and trusted relationships with their customers and we do that by delivering high quality work that meets requirements – and often by exceeding expectations. Our business relies on customers being happy with our work, so that we are asked to work on other programmes or can use your project as a great example of completed work. Outsource companies that fail to deliver don’t last long – particularly in complex programme environments.

Find out how our work has supported in-house teams to deliver on time and on budget.

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