The final unit of one of Cascade Engineering’s earliest projects, the Poseidon anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare aircraft, already in operation in the USA, Australia and India, has now been delivered.  This is the final unit in a nine-aircraft order for the RAF. Based at RAF Lossiemouth and with the ‘Poseidon MRA1’ designation, the aircraft will form part of the RAF’s maritime support capability.

In fact, this aircraft has restored an airborne maritime patrol capability to the UK, and it was a great project to be involved with. As aircraft stores pylon experts, Cascade was brought in to be the focal team for the structural development of both pylons, using a novel design, which involved a significant number of integrally machined components rather than assembled sheet designs.

The aircraft is a multi-role maritime patrol aircraft, armed with torpedoes, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, amongst other stores, can drop and monitor sonobuoys and can operate in conjunction with other naval and wider military assets. It is also equipped to handle surveillance and search and rescue missions.

“It’s always an honour to be involved in such a flagship project and we are delighted to see the RAF take delivery of the final plane in its fleet,” said Cascade Managing Director, Ben Barrass. “With more orders on the book for Boeing, including those for the Royal Norwegian Air Force and the German Navy, we look forward to seeing the Poseidon in active service for many years. This was an important project to us, as our work on Poseidon paved the way for a 12-year relationship with our client, on many flagship Airbus programmes.”

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